How to Cool Your House with Window Tinting

Homeowners use a lot of money and time to reduce the heating cost of their houses during colder or winter season however, decreasing the cost of cooling is just as vital for cutting your carbon footprint and saving money. Window films and tints are actually a great way to reduce the heat that comes in into your house, and anybody can easily perform themselves as well.

How Does Window Tinting Work?

The sunlight can quickly heat your entire house through your windows when the temperatures rise outdoors, making your air conditioning unit run overtime. Window film or window tint will not just block harmful ultraviolet rays but can also add privacy, drastically reduce incoming heat and diminish glare. As a matter of fact, the amount of power savings you’ll notice will depend on the strength and type of the product which you have chosen. The greater the power efficiency rating, the better thermal bounce will be, that decreases the sun’s heat gain in your house.

Getting Started

For a Do-It-Yourself installation, you can buy a complete set of home window tinting kit at any hardware stores or online, or buy only the product which is needed if you have the other needed materials. Along with the window film or tint, you will be needing a razor or utility knife, a clean rag, paper towels, spray bottle, tape measure and window squeegee. Read the directions on the box to know if anything else is required. Special window solution is usually within the kit or sold separately but you can also make your own if you want to.

Deciding on Film or Tint

Window films tend to be clear while window tints will often have an opacity and a color to it. Insulating window tints or films will work on decreasing cooling and heating costs the entire year. Glare-reducing items work well at decreasing the type of light which impacts TVs and computer screens, making them a great option for media rooms.

In addition to that, privacy tints will prevent outside people from seeing in while letting the people inside your house to see the outside world. All of these types will block 99 percent of ultraviolet rays but reduction of heat will differ by manufacturer, therefore, it is very essential to know what your home’s specific requirements are. You may choose to decide to only install a few windows which really need it or you may install different kinds of tints or films for the different windows of your home.


Measure the windows of your house so that you will determine what length and size you will be needing prior to making any purchase. You should also make sure to get rid of any debris or stickers from the glass and clean your windows with the use of a proper cleaning agent. Use no-tear baby shampoo combined with water for prepping your windows. Begin with 4 drops in 16 oz. of water however, always bear in mind that spraying is very important all throughout the procedure so prepare the mixture before you begin.

To make sure that you’ll have high quality windows, make sure that you only contact a professional and skilled Egress window installation service provider in your area.

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